About Jenn

First off, hi! My name is Jenn and I live in Bakersfield, California.

I am a stay at home mom (SAHM) of a five and six year old. I've been a SAHM for about 7 years now and most days I love my job.

Hubby goes out of town quite a bit for his job and before my oldest started school, we would go with him, but we've made it through most of one school year without a vacation. Hubby has had some medical issues and is gone quite a bit, so it's hard for me to get a job. That may change here soon though...

We are a one car, one income family. We are so blessed to be able to walk our kids to school and have found out how wonderful the teachers are!

Our goals are:

1. Get out of debt. According to our debt snowball, the car and student loans should be paid off in two years. That's if we keep putting extra money towards it. *crosses fingers* I know if I got a job, we could pay off the debt faster, but that would mean buying another car, insurance, daycare, etc. We don't want more debt!

2. Eat real food. This means less stuff out of the box and utilizing every part of our $400 grocery budget for organic and grass-fed meat.

3. Find inexpensive ways to enjoy the city, community, and ourselves- without breaking the bank! Arts and crafts come to mind...

At first I hated living in Bakersfield, but the more I found out about it, Bakersfield really is great. You have the beach, mountains, and desert all within 45 minutes to 1 hour's drive in almost any direction. We're the number 1 air polluted city in the US, but an inexpensive place to live compared to most the state.

Thanks for visiting me! Jenn