Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Summertime 2013

Alright, so I'm back in the midwest for the summer aka home. It's been quite an adventure from driving to LA, walking Hollywood, using the LAX to get on the plane, to running across the Denver airport, and then the final flight to my destination. Worth the hassle? Yes and no. It's always great to see family, but I sure do miss having my own house.

I've learned so much since just being back home. It's not quite a vacation, although I've really enjoyed one the past two weeks. Up until now, its been chaotic trying everything figured out. Plus, mom and stepdad thought this would be a great break for me and hubby, since I've pretty much lost my shine.

The first week I got here, it poured, thundered, and lightninged almost all week. Mom drove up from KC when her jeep died, putting the kids in an unnormal state of anxiety and questions about when grandma was going to be home. Then my stepdad and I planned what was going on in the KC house as he told me they have everything financially set to have him retire at 62, pay off the house mom is living in until she retires, and their retirement property/house/workshop they are building.

Then I see that my step-sister is happily married and her husband treats her like a queen. Do I get that kind of treatment at home as I pretty much slave away like housemaid Cinderella? Not exactly.

The second week the kids and I go down to KC, mom shows me around the area, how to get to her work, and I have my to-do and shopping construction list. After seeing Lowes didn't exactly have what I needed, I had to just make do for a lot of it. In the end, I would love to flip houses for a living even though I can't do most of the manual/physical labor.

The third week and weekend, I had to check campers in. Not a huge deal, been there, done that. The fun part was Mom and Stepdad (M&M) went on vacation and I left for Denver. The kids and I spent a few days with hubby's grandparents and did the museum and light rail ride to 16th street mall. It was a great way to travel. I'm very surprised most cities don't have a light rail system!

We traveled back to KC and saw M&M's retirement property which was bluntly amazing. 50 acres, good size house, nothing fancy mind you, but it will be when all's said and done. Then we head to Lake McConaughy to spend more time with hubby's grandparents. I absolutely love his grandparents: hardworking and caring people. As M&M put it, they are real down to earth people.

The next part of summer will mostly be construction on the KC house for me and the kids. Even though I'm not doing it completely myself, I'll still be learning stuff that I should have learned when I was 16 or so. Either way, I've come to realize that I really can't do everything or anything by myself and that I really should be treated better by the hubby than what I am. I'm learning construction in case I buy or build a house on my own or with my family. Time will tell.

Thanks for reading!