Monday, March 31, 2014

Tomorrow is April!

Tomorrow is a new month! Yes, I love new months. It's kind of like a new year, a fresh start. Plus a clean air filter in our house.

Last week, we planted the garden. Quite the variety of crops and I promise to take pictures soon of it. I am trying to keep the chickens out of the garden since they keep trying to eat our strawberries! A couple strawberries are near ready, so this year might be a fight to the death between the chickens and I.

Tomorrow, we have the possibility of rain :) Very exciting since we are in one of the worst droughts in history.

Speaking of rain, last Saturday, the wind blew fiercly and rain poured almost all Saturday night. On the positive side, the house was quiet. Very quiet. The kids were in a tent in the middle of a rainstorm. Yes, we are trying to toughen up our kids. Haha not true, but there's some days are just like today, frustrating.

I keep toying with the idea of getting a job and every time I make a pros and cons list of going back to work, I find myself making excuses. Excuses such as: we need a second car, hubby travels a lot, hubby's continued medical appointments, gas being around $4/gallon, etc. Another part of me says that I should wait the 2 years. Agh! If I only had an income, we could pay off the debts much faster and start saving for a second car or actually fix the fence that is laying on the neighbor's trees. You know, typical home improvement stuff.

Hubby doesn't mind knowing needs fixed. He just wants to do the fun stuff and he doesn't have to look at all the bugs- I mean problems- everyday. I'm committed to getting out of debt, but at what cost?

So there's my two cents for today. Today is payday and I get money for food. Because that's all I shop for anymore.

Thanks for reading!