Thursday, February 23, 2012


Casinos. Gambling. Adult shows. Drinking. The Strip.

When was the last time you drove to Vegas? At first I thought the drive from Bakersfield was a never-ending strip of concrete with the kids in the backseat. Yes, kids in Vegas. Hubby had to work and I detest smoke-filled anything.

Have you ever been to Vegas and stayed away from the strip? Okay, our hotel was maybe a mile from the strip next to the airport, but I had no intentions to go to the strip-other than to take pictures for my business.
We went to Ethel's Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden. I love cactus plants. I'm quirky. What can I say? It wasn't huge, but neat to see.

Then there's a very nice McDonald's on Rainbow and 215. Very upscale and a great play area for the little ones.

My kids went around and asked every adult and kid to come watch her show at the little theatre in the Town Square Park. Little did I know everyone came, watched, and applauded. I'm thinking she will go into a marketing, advertising, or publishing profession when older. The park there was fantastic. Gates surround it as a guard stands entrance. If you heard little dinosaurs, those were my two.

Giraffe at Bass Pro from bridge above
And let's not forget Bass Pro. Attached to Silverton Hotel and Casino, its freakishly huge! If you have kids or love going to outdoor stores, this simply is a must! A giraffe, lions, and of course their aquarium will have you searching all over their ceilings and displays for more creatures. Go to the back of the Bass Pro and you'll see another large aquarium along with some nice Mermaid portraits. I believe real mermaids swim in that aquarium on special days. How cool is that?

So yes, Vegas is extremely kid friendly and it seems that most sit-down restaurants will go out of their way to entertain kids (very awesome)!

This weekend we will visit the Nevada State Railroad Museum and get out of Vegas to see what lies in the mountains. My friends, Athena and Jane, has given us so much advice of where to eat and what to see- a BIG thank you to them!