Thursday, February 23, 2012

Food...Fresh off the Tree

I use to live in the Midwest and unless you went to a farmer's market or had a garden yourself, it was hard to come by fresh food. Here in Bakersfield, you can easily get fresh fruits and veges year round-without a greenhouse.

Although most of California's farming and vegetation is mostly in the San Joaquin valley (carrots, corn, almonds, oranges, etc), its available year round.

My family doesn't have any fruit/citrus trees, but plenty of neighbors do. My family is different. We have chickens. So while they have an abundance of oranges and lemons in the winter right in their backyard, we can give fresh eggs. Plus, some farmers sell their juicy goodness right on busy street corners. Always wash before eating.

Bakersfield, being one of the hottest places in the state (compared to the mountains), has a longer growing season for your summer garden. Remember to keep watering it though!

I know I've been pro-Bakersfield and the valley with this post, but even along the coast you'll find avocadoes fresh off the tree and strawberry stands almost everywhere.