Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Questions, questions, questions.

Hubby went to Bishop this week and with gas prices being over $4/gallon, we decided to save our gas budget this time. Instead, the kids and I picked up the house, went out to see a couple friends (before they leave on month-long trips), and are creating lots of crafts to send to family.

Hubby and I have been really debating to stay in crazy Bako or not. It does have its advantages and disadvantages. Hubby has a really good job here, friendly co-workers (most of the time), and we could easily add on/improve our property (1/3 acre).

It's been an easy-going week so far other than the kids decisive listening skills. Our dog, Frankie, may or may not have a second foxtail in one of his ears. However, no chickens have died recently! I'm debating whether or not we should get three more chicks this year since it seems 1-2 eggs per day are not quite enough for a family of four.

Another debatable question I have right now is should I home-school the kids? I love the second income idea (although my business right now has had absolutely zero income since it started), but isn't a child better prepared for the world if they are home-schooled? I could sparingly travel, not work for those unnecessary fundraisers, and give them a whole world for their classroom. L, 3 years old, wants to go to school and kindergarten is optional here in the great state of California. The classes are thirty children to one teacher with no aides. How is that really learning?

I am stuck here in the smog both mentally and physically.