Thursday, August 16, 2012

2 Birthdays 1 Week

Hubby and Son's birthdays are five days apart. In the past, I never really got around to making hubby a birthday cake since our son was born. Hubby isn't a huge fan of cake since I've learned how to decorate them within the last year. This year is going to be different. I hope to make two completely different cakes -one for each special man in my life.

Last year as I was making my son's birthday cake, the fondant melted. This year, with the weather being in the triple digits for the past two weeks, will cool off to the mere 90s. I don't care if I have to crank the air down to 60 degrees, I have to make 2 cakes. There's no getting around it this year.

If I ask hubby what kind of cake he wants, he'll say no cake. So after his birthday, I'll post some pics for this year's theme.

Our son is turning the magical 3 and the theme is Thomas the Train. This is the last character-themed birthday party we will be doing. Next year he wants MacGuyver which is awesome. Now to find a way to secretly bake and decorate hubby's cake. Wish me luck!