Saturday, May 25, 2013

Filling...The Flower Bed

It's that time of year... enjoying time outside, friends, maybe family. Us? This weekend we went to Lowes to look at what we could get for filler flowers-those odd spots where previous flowers didn't come up this spring.

What did I find?

Cosmos, 2.5 quart $1.99 each = bought 3: $5.97
Freesia, 2.5 quart $2.49 each = bought 2:  $4.98
Azure Bush, 3 quart $2.24 each = bought 2: $4.48
Tax: $1.16

So... grand total: $16.59 for 7 plants. Considering they aren't those little pansies or colorful annuals (well the Cosmos are), it was a great deal. Where did I find them? There were 3, yes 3, FULL racks of plants 50%-75% off! Some were half dead, lots of still blooming plants, some in hangers, but you couldn't buy these plants for under $20.

Then I got hubby to remove the two Washington fan palms out of our front flower bed. I know-those are worth money! We saw a full grown one at Lowe's this morning for $75. They grow all over our yard, so if you want them, come and dig them up. Seriously. I loathe the treacherous things.

So even if you take your time and look-even at the clearance aisle, you'll find great deals on plants and maybe even get hubby motivated to get the yard looking halfway decent compared to some of our pristine, landscaped neighbor yards. Then again, there's always our neighbor who has paint peeling off his garage. They're another story.

I apologize for not posting any pics-it was hot out and we wanted to get inside before it got any hotter, but next time I will definitely post pics!

Thanks for reading!