Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bakersfield. A/C challenge. Day 2

What can I say? Another day without A/C until 4:30 (when hubby gets home). Did the kids and I survive?
Hubby and I didn't walk at the crack of dawn which means more sleeping time. :) So instead, we dropped hubby off at work (one household vehicle) and when the kids and I got back home, the kids got on their bike and we rode (well, I walked) to the mailbox. We have one of those lock-boxes (I really do miss my mailbox on my property).

The yard picker-uppers emptied our green waste bin! Yay! So I swallowed my breakfast yogurt fast as the kids sat down to eat their homemade cinnamon rolls (thank you hubby) and yogurt. It always takes them a long time to eat, so I got outside and refilled that green bin. It took me half an hour, but it got done! I'm not usually that motivated, but we have other yard waste that needs to leave. I didn't realize that all that sitting grass and twigs was starting to decompose, so there's a nice little layer of compost where the grass pile was! I'm sure I'll have more for a compost pile if I start that again. I want to start growing and canning our own produce, but I need to get other things done first before I start another new project.

The kids of course took their time with breakfast and when they are done eating, it's all hands on deck. My son, 3, hates using soap when washing his hands. However, once he did, I mentioned going outside and with no pull-up on his butt, he was ready to go!

They absolutely love being outside which is fantastic! I had a bundle of mail to send out so it was a perfect time to walk to the mailbox. They also love finding puddles *stand back* and sprinklers that to water sidewalks. Sometimes the dog comes along too when we can find his leash. I'm not sure about other people with dogs, but our leash tends to wander around the house.

When we got back, I let the kids watch one show on Netflix since their rooms were clean. It seems to be their incentive to keep their room clean (plus it gives me some time to write this). Right now, Barney seems to be the show of choice. It varies, but it's all age appropriate.

When I do have the car, I usually want to go shopping or to the mall, but never quite seem to make it there. Hubby goes to work by 7am and most to nothing is open at 7am. Not Target, not Costco, not even the library or mall. I would rather shop at 7am. There's less traffic, less shoppers, and no tantrums. The kids are willing to go to the store for once! I love to browse the thrift stores, too, but when I have the kids and they see all those filthy toys, the tears and screaming that's out. Not that any of them are open at 7am. We get home after taking hubby to work and I often forget to get the kids back in the car or it gets super hot out that we just don't go anywhere.

With this no a/c, I really wanted to not use the oven. So what should I do all day? I have a list of things to do: file bills, market my business, work on my blog, find a local groomer, etc. The usual chores list around here. I know I need to just get it done.

I turned on my computer and what did I see? Oh yeah, a recipe for ciabatta bread! That's what I'll do. So I made ciabatta bread. It took five minutes to put the ingredients in and 2 hours for the dough to form in the bread machine. I could write an ode to my bread machine. It's probably the most used small kitchen appliance in my house.

Once the dough formed, it took 15 minutes out of the bread machine to rise, then another 15 minutes to sit on the cookie sheet to rise again. Then 45 minutes baking in the oven at 425 degrees. Whew. Then it came to be time to cook dinner. I fired up the grill, put broccoli and baked chicken in, and closed the lid. I'm glad I tried this. The broccoli didn't survive, but the chicken actually cooked faster than in the oven by 1/2 the time. Amazing!

In the house with the oven turned on, it didn't get too hot. We went about our day normally (just the kids and I) with the screen doors open. The cool morning air disappears quickly around 9-9:30, but that's perfectly okay. I figured that if I don't complain about the heat, then the kids won't either. I just keep them occupied throughout the day with painting, playing in the pool (small blow up), and other activities.

I think that us adults think its hot b/c we have to complain about something. We want to be comfortable and lazy as we get older. When you were a kid, did you complain about the heat? Where I came from, we weren't allowed to complain about the heat. There's no point in complaining about something you really can't change. With the no a/c, I'm actually feeling really good about not making a carbon footprint during the day. I am limiting myself one luxury as a stay at home mom. It's not that bad to live without the a/c during the day. I always liked a good challenge! :)

Do you sahms think you could challenge yourself to turn off the a/c during the day while at home?