Friday, September 7, 2012

Cleaning House

This week has been one of the worst weeks of the year for me! Hubby has been in and out of the house traveling (mostly day trips), I got sick and still have sore muscles (all over), and the kids are refusing to listen. If only there was a magic button for any of this!

There is no magic formula for life, but that's quite alright. We manage no matter how our days go. There's always tomorrow to look forward to (even if your body doesn't quite agree). Tomorrow is our neighborhood yard sale and I'm more than ready to get rid of all that clutter, foolishness, and extras that we have. Ours is primarily baby toys and clothes with a few odds and ins.

After watching "Clean House" via Netflix, it was inspiring to see how families got rid of their "foolishness" as the host calls it. Our house wasn't quite that bad, but it definitely needed to gone through since most our move was never unpacked.

I feel so lightened after cleaning our house that we have more time and money to do things that we really want to. Or clean those parts of the house that really need it. There's also nothing quite like finding things you haven't seen in years...or not finding things after a move.

We lived in our last house for seven years, this one in lovely Bako, three years in February. They say there's no place like home. They are right. Other than they are missing a couple words. There's no place like a clean home!