Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Single Serve Whip Cream

My throat has been sore this morning so I decided I would have a cup of hot chocolate. We have so much hot chocolate that its ridiculous. Anyway, I don't buy premade cream in a can or tub cream. I make it. And why not? It's so easy other heavy whipping cream is perishable.

I didn't want to get my kitchenaid mixer all dirty again. I literally just washed it! So I wondered if I could use my small dishwasher friendly food processor?

I poured a small amount of cream in, scooped out 3 teaspoons of sugar and mixed the two. It took awhile, but within a few seconds, viola! Single serve whipped cream!

Another success! Now I'll have to try making chocolate whipped cream without using the whole carton of my precious whipping cream :)