Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finding my Niche

I'll be honest. I want to see the world. I don't want to go back to work, although I do want the income. I want to homeschool the kids, yet I have absolutely no patience with them. I apparently want a lot of things. That's normal though.

So in order to find my niche in life, I have to look at my hobbies.

Cake decorating
Baking sweets (when its not 200 degrees in the house)
Metal Detecting
Photography (although I do need more practice)
Writing (always wanted to be an author)
Teaching (math, spelling, and English)

These are pretty broad hobbies. Where does one start? Well, I took classes on cake decorating. It was fun and I made great friends.

I don't own a metal detector. I have the gold panning "pans", but I haven't gone all year. I need to just go (although its snowing in the mountains now). I really want to rent an actual metal detector and go to the Mojave or Death Valley.

I've been learning different aspects of photography, but the only people I can seem to photograph are my own kids. Sometimes those don't even come out good.

As for writing, I have an outline for a few different stories, plus a blog. It's one of the few hobbies that I truly enjoy and can do from anywhere. Just not anytime. I like a silent room/house so I can concentrate.

I've always loved math and other few subjects. I looked into becoming a substitute teacher and it cost me more to put my kids in daycare than the actual salary. Plus, there are so many teachers out there plus budget cuts. Very scary time for education. Another thing about the school system-I watched a documentary on Netflix and it basically said public schools are similar to prison. The education system needs fixed badly. I'm so scared to put my kids in public school, yet we can't afford private school.

So this leaves me with gardening. The ultimate goal is homesteading. We don't have a large budget for groceries and I'm so sick of hubby's convenience addiction. I've been a DIY most of my life and he's still engrained with his parent's materialistic world. He's always comparing our lives to his parents. Ugh. We sat down and came up with the goal to be "green" and homestead. He doesn't want to be totally off the grid, but I do. I hate bills. Call me greedy.

Right now, I am trying to plan the garden. Who knew it was so much work? The biggest question is peppers and tomatoes. Can they be combined? I've seen it both ways that they are and are not companion plants. Does this only apply to certain varieties? There's a huge nitrogen war in the soil if you don't plan your garden correctly. Who knew?

I know you enjoy pics, so that's on my to-do list. I keep wanting to write, but am finding it harder and harder to get on the computer. I need to set time down to actually get these on the computer. Finding my niche isn't easy and if you want to find yours, seriously look at your hobbies. Everyone has hobbies, even if it is watching tv or playing video games. Then figure out what you like about them.

Best of luck and thanks for reading!