Friday, October 26, 2012

Week at Home Alone

Once in a blue moon, hubby leaves town on one of his amazing work adventures. This leaves the kids with me 24/7 for the time being. This can be a good or bad thing.

My daughter, 4, being independent hates staying home. I'm the same way, but I'd rather not take the kids to ten stores in one day. Heck, I don't like taking them to one store in a day. Between sitting in the cart or hanging on, they always manage to make trips to store as annoying as possible. Some days they are good, but they have so much pent up energy, that they're boasting to run free.

Our latest venture included my son, 3, has learned to go for what he wants. So as I made an emergency trip to the grocery store, I put our four things on the belt to checkout. Then one, two, three packages of Twinkies fly onto the belt. "Where did those come from?" The guy next in line is laughing that when I see the fourth package of Twinkies fly up, I see my little man's hand. Of course. Trying to teach them candy is really bad for their teeth and tummy is like telling a dog not to eat his bone.

The kids and hubby always want to go out to eat. Hubby claims its saves us from washing dishes and using our household food supply. Ha! Just because they want to go out to eat, does not mean we will. Yesterday I did a bunch of yardwork and scraped together meals for the kids and I all day. We were out working in our yard and before the night was over, we went to say hello. To make a story short, they invited us to stay for dinner (even though I was covered in dirt)! How's that for eating out?

The kids have actually helped me out more this week than ever before. My daughter wants to vacuum and my son wants to mop. They do a pretty decent job out of it. Yesterday, I had to dig up some dirt and move it to one of the front yard flower beds. They opened the two backyard gates for me and made sure the dog stayed in the backyard. It was amazing! Then I gave them a ride in the wheelbarrow!

My daughter had been fighting me at the start of the week and trying to teach her life lessons has really paid off. "Mommy, you don't want us to have any fun!" was Monday's statement. With it being Friday now, she told me, "Mommy, this is fun!"  I'm not one for making chores fun and I want them accomplished correctly. The kids do have their chore list and its mostly filled with stickers this week. I realized I've been pushing them away so I can get my job done faster, but in the long run, that doesn't work. If the sky's the limit, then don't give them boundaries. Include them in everyday chores and you'll be amazed at what they learn. A child needs structure and discipline, but if you're not including them, then they won't learn how to do anything.

Overall, this week was a proven success in getting housework, yardwork, and childwork done. The kids learned many life lessons. I didn't have to cook a huge meal every night and there were no complaints about any meal. The dishes and laundry were washed daily. The house was picked up every night. All without yelling. All without spanking. I'm not saying hubby is a negative influence, but it's hard to maintain a relationship when people and circumstances change.

It has been a good week.
Thanks for reading!