Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Prop 37

This is just my opinion. If you don't know what's going on with Prop 37, you should definitely check it out. Yes, it will cost us in food prices, but hasn't gas already gone up? Groceries? Utilities?

California propositions this year on the 2012 ballot have millions scratching their heads. Billions have already been spent in advertising the yes and nos to several propositions and people. They are counting on all those who do not research the propositions. Looking at the sample ballot via the mail, each ballot informs voters how much it will cost the state. This bit of information gives ignorant voters the cause for voting yes or no on each particular measure.

Hubby is voting no on all the props so we don't have higher taxes. Good luck with that one honey! There are two similar and confusing props (30 and 38) threatening educational and public safety funding.  It's very confusing even if you read the fine print. Prop 30 taxes the wealthy and funds schools, but only for a specified amount of time. Any tax money after the specified time goes into...??? Loophole right there. 38 is for funding early childhood education, yet it's for elementary schools and low-income families. What about my children? They wouldn't receive any incentives from this. 38 also supposedly goes to paying back federal debt. Now it says it will promote preschools, but the only preschools around here at church-ran organizations. Hmmm....

There's a prop about rezoning district lines (40). If you look at the bottom of San Joaquin Valley, the district lines look like a giant spiral around Bakersfield. Seriously? County lines apparently mean nothing.

Another proposition is about the auto insurance companies (33). This will promote supposedly lower rates on a driver's history. Why are we voting on this? Either way, the illegal non-insured Mexicans will continue to drive on our roads. 

The Death Penalty. California wants to repeal the death penalty (34). It saves the state money if we take it away. Okay, so instead we continue to overfill our prisons and pay for them to live a life of luxury as us taxpayers foot the bill. Wow.

Human Trafficking (35). Harsher penalties. This will cost the state a few million to maintain, but hey, it's public safety. This also includes sex offender's must tell officials their internet activities and identities. They aren't doing that already? Do we have to vote to leave crumbs on the floor too?

Prop 36 is the 3 strikes law for repeat offenders. Another public safety issue. Haven't heard much on this either. Primarily harsher laws for harsh crimes.

Prop 39 is a big pet peeve of mine. Want to do business in California yet headquartered in another state? Let's mix energy efficiency in with this one. Out-of-state businesses would have to pay state taxes based on sales and that money will towards making California "green". Last I checked, they still had to pay a set fee for taxes, but only one more form than an in-state business. This sounds too good to be true. Half the revenue would be spent on "energy efficient projects. Of the remaining [meaning the other half] revenues,  a significant portion likely would be spent on schools." So where would the rest of it go? Sounds like another loophole to me.

Then there's my favorite: Prop 37, where all genetically modified foods have to be labeled. I'm completely for this since I want to know if there are pesticides or even biotechnology is used. Our bodies are not science experiments and our food shouldn't be either. Europe does not allow biotechnology, yet we've been eating it since the 1970s. Our country also has a higher number of health problems, obesity, a prescription drug empire, and just plain convenience for every demand in our lives. Yet we just sit back and let our government say GMO foods are the way we eat. I don't think so. I've made the change to non-GMO and I've lost weight, gained confidence, and know that my family is eating healthy on a budget

There have been billions of dollars spent by the big food companies to get people to vote NO on prop 37. They want to hide the fact that country eats only GMO foods. Monsanto, Pepsi, ConAgra, and countless others are spending billions just on California to stop this campaign. 

To me, Proposition 37 is the most important one during this election. I really wish this topic was discussed at the debate, although neither president really cares about such "nonsense". 

Yes on 37!