Thursday, October 4, 2012

Our Government, In my Opinion

I'm not the numero uno politics follower. I know who the president and the mayor are. I know Capitol Hill people are old decrepits who stuff their wallets and get their way much like babies. I can't explain how much I want to fix the government, yet I'm just one person. One voice- out of millions. Doesn't anyone want to do anything about it? We give our government billions of dollars through taxes (residential and commercial), yet we get a poorly funded country at best. No wonder so many are revoking their citizenships.

There's so many people, departments, and programs that contribute to the federal deficit, yet we keep adding more each year. When will it end? Senate and Congress don't see a deficit, they see their jobs. If they can keep the country in turmoil, then they remain there scratching their heads, including the President.

This was the first time I actually watched the Presidential debate and I know its not the only debate before elections, but, to put it plainly, it were purely stupidity. Obama is trying his best (at least, he thinks its his best) to create a socialist country where everyone, regardless of anything, healthcare will be neutralized so both the jobless and the wealthy can share the same doctor and its facilities. He doesn't want the separation of classes, he wants equality across the board. I'm assuming this includes illegals. Are these beliefs of his because his is Muslim? I highly think he got chosen president of his skin color in the Southeast. That's why more people voted him in my opinion, plus all the non-white classes. I'm not sure his opponent McCain would have done any better. Of course, with the electoral college, our votes don't count anymore.

And here we have Mr. Mitt Romney. Another big white bullshitter who loves the sound of his own voice. He described he wants to create a perfect country. Okay, so where's your plans for this perfect country you described? In my opinion, he's all talk. Once either man steps into that oval office, our country is doomed.

You want to fix the government and the federal deficit Mr. President? Look at those around you. Those men and women on Capitol Hill earning over $175,000 average. Make them a GS-11 or 12 salary. Don't make them special. They don't know whats best for people, they only know what's best for them. So how are they representing my family and I? I know how to say yes or no to a question. I don't compromise on things that matter. You make a pros and cons list for the bigger issues.

Watching the debate just made me angry to see these people are actually in charge. All they want to do is make promises to moms, small businesses, and families, yet they turn around and take money from large corporations. Talk about bending your values. This country needs help and these are not the ones to do it.

A dreamer and a socialist. Who will win?