Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cleaning with the Kids

Son, 3, Mopping
Am I the only one trying to get the house clean every week by myself? To vacuum, mop, shampoo carpets, wash windows, etc. The list goes on and on. So this week, I decided to recruit some help. I can't afford to hire anyone, so I used who I have around all day: the kids.

Daughter, 4, Vacuuming
Did I bribe them? Nope. Reward them with candy? Not a piece. So how did I do it? I asked them nicely. I informed them that mommy can't clean the entire house by herself and mommy can't do any fun stuff until the house is clean. Also, it takes teamwork to get things done faster. For some reason, they listened and were eager to help.

The kids have chore charts that they get stickers on and it was the first time they almost filled it. It was amazing. The kids are only 3 and 4, but really, they can almost do everything I can. They can vacuum, but its too heavy for them to push around. That's quite alright. This is a great way to let them be part of the family and teach them responsibility.

A few things kids can do:
Wash windows (sliding glass doors)
Wipe counters/cabinets

Good luck with your new inexpensive hired help. What a great way to get your house clean for Thanksgiving and teach your little ones how to help without yelling or scolding!

Look at all those stickers!