Monday, November 5, 2012

Surprise Trip to LA

Hubby filled in the calendar for four days this November with "busy don't plan anything". Uh? What the heck? Apparently he planned a trip to LA. I've been wanting to head down there for some time now since learning about all the fun free things to do and yes, the super expensive D and C lands. We won't get to do much, but since seeing Lightning McQueen and Towmater fill billboards along Highway 99 this past spring, I've been wanting to go.

And the time has come! We are officially now in the infamous Los Angeles. I can hardly believe it. I hate the traffic and the smog, but this city has so much to offer from kids (not including Disneyland) to adults.

Venturing out of the lovely smog filled Bako southwards, the kids weren't sure about us going to Disneyland or Carsland. We told them first thing this morning and their response: "No! I'm not old enough!" I couldn't believe my ears. However, the whole drive down here (3 hours) they couldn't talk of anything else.

Having the extra hours to fill before our hotel room was ready, we went to the California Science Museum. It was fantastic. They had everything from ecology, biology, space, animals, earthquakes, structures, and other various exhibits for free. There were other "visiting" exhibits for a cost and although we just did the free ones, we pretty much filled up our day. We were there for a whopping four hours without a single meltdown. It was unbelievably wonderful.

The kids were tired and we still had to check into our hotel room, so my son slept in the car (30 minute or longer drive) as my daughter inquired about earthquakes. She, 4, was inconceivably worried about how and why earthquakes happen (there was a earthquake simulator in the museum). I'm glad she asks questions, but the real question is what does she really retain after all that information is crammed into her head?

The hotel has 2 pools, one heated, a kiddie pool, and 2 hot tubs. The kids actually went into the kiddie pool since they are small, the bigger heated pool, and the hot tub once they were freezing from swimming after dark. There's no better exercise, right? We also met some nice people visiting from Australia. Turns out right now their country is in spring/summer right now as we are in winter. They will be going to Hawaii for a bit and then back to their country. What a vacation!

Tomorrow we will venture to Disneyland for the first time with two young ones in tow without a nap. Hubby forgot his tennis shoes, so it'll be an interesting adventure. I'm praying we don't have any meltdowns or a $0 checking account by the end of the week.

What a fantastic surprise from hubby. So much for getting out of the smog. :( The thick brown air is absolutely disgusting and makes me grateful for those clean air days in the valley, however few they are. Disneyland isn't the only choice for families visiting Los Angeles, but it is however, one of the most popular destinations. This trip is primarily for the big theme parks, but watch out Los Angeles. The next trip will be no theme parks!

Thanks for reading!