Monday, November 12, 2012

Lost my Diet

A few weeks ago, I started really watching what I ate. No processed foods, no meat, no dairy. Well, what's happened? It seems every meal I'm finding myself eat the same old foods since before I promised myself I wouldn't eat anymore. I lost my 10 pounds in 14 days and by now, I'm sure I've gained it back. I know exactly what happened. Hubby came home.

I'm not blaming him for my poor eating choices, but when the pantry is stocked with extremely unhealthy food and a family who wants the processed junk, it's unbelievably hard. The kids don't want to drink soy or almond milk. They want cow's milk. Even after I explained to them that the baby cows need their mommy's milk. Isn't that disgusting how we drink that?

And when going on vacation, doesn't the wafting smell of hamburgers make you drool for one? Yup. While the family isn't on board with the eating better change, we have been eating more fruits and vegetables. Isn't that more than I can ask for? Yes and no. Maybe I can find a group of people and actual recipes for this proper eating ritual in my area? Or online?

Eating better hasn't become a way of life for me yet. As long as the house is full of junk food (thank you Halloween), we will have to continue eating that unhealthy junk until it's gone. I do have to say we have been eating more fresh veggies and fruits than before. So maybe this is a step by step process that I'm continuing losing my focus.

How do I fix my problem? Getting healthier doesn't happen overnight. Loosing weight takes diligence and motivation. I just need to get back onto the bandwagon and lose that darn weight. I need to find a way to replace that junk with the family's motivation to live and eat healthier together. Blue Box macaroni and cheese and corn dogs need to find a way to disappear from the grocery aisles. Let's start paying for a home grown tomato and not a crunchy orange ball from the store. Weight be gone!

Thanks for reading!