Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cooking Quinoa for the first time

As with anything, everything is new at one time or another. This was no different. Heck, I hadn't even heard about quinoa until I read some plant-based/real food blogs. Hubby really doesn't like anything whole grain, but trying to eat healthier, it actually tasted pretty good.

I cooked it with zucchini and yellow squash (peeled) and it was actually really filling. The website I used was They had step by step instructions with pictures. This is definitely not something I can find in my Betty Crocker or New Homes and Gardens cookbooks. One of these days I should buy some new cookbooks. According to the best bites website, quinoa is a great way to get protein.

I used 2 cups quinoa
 Rinse it out a couple times to get the outer shells off.
Below is what it looks like when you get it all rinsed off and put it in 4 cups of water or broth. I never keep broth in the house, so for me its always water.

Let it simmer for about 15 minutes. You can put a lid on it if you'd like

Still simmering...

I went ahead and added peeled zucchini, corn, and yellow squash

I didn't have time to take another picture before everyone started digging in. They were starving! Most websites say they will eat quinoa by itself as a side dish like couscous, but my family said no. They didn't like the nutty and slight bitterness. Even though the family didn't like this, I think this will be really good in some Mexican dishes. I loved this meal with salsa on top.